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Advisor Succession, Continuity, Partnerships

Collaboration Opportunities

We are independent financial planners in Northern California who run a successful fee-based practice.

We are interested in meeting other financial professionals considering:

  • Establishing Business Succession or Continuity Plans
  • Selling their Practices or Books of Business
  • Exploring Strategic Relationships
  • Transitioning from their Current Firms

Planning for Succession or Continuity?

Do you have a plan for the succession of your business upon your retirement?

Do you have a plan for the continuance of your business in the event of disability, death, or some other unplanned event?

financial advisor succession plan

Choosing a successor or a continuity partner can be difficult.

We understand that advisors look to place their clients with professionals that have similar values, expertise, and standards.

Interested in establishing a succession or continuity plan? … we’d like to discuss how we can provide support.

Our team is experienced with advisor succession and continuity planning, and we can help plan and coordinate a smooth transition for you and your clients.

Monetizing Your Practice?

monetizing financial advisor practiceHave you considered monetizing all or a portion of your practice or book of business?

Are you considering retiring in the near-term?

Have you considered who you would like to care for your clients, and what that client transition experience would be like?

Considering monetizing all or a portion of your practice? … we’d like to see if there may be a fit.

We work closely with advisors to determine their preferences and develop an appropriate plan to assure a smooth transition for the clients and the advisors.

Considering Strategic Partnerships?

strategic partnershipsAre you growing your business as effectively as you would like?

Are you providing a high level of service and advice for your clients?

Do you require more effective marketing resources, more efficient operations support, or higher levels of service to be more effective?

Looking to accomplish more with your current practice? Interested in exploring strategic relationships? …contact us.

Partnering with us may allow you to spend more time serving your clients and focusing on activities that are most productive and rewarding for your clients and for you.

Looking to Make a Transition?

Are you considering leaving a wirehouse firm or independent broker/dealer?

Are you encouraged and empowered to serve the best interests of your clients?

Independent RIA transition

Do you think you can be more effective, and it may be more rewarding, as an independent advisor?

Considering transitioning from your current wirehouse firm or broker/dealer? …we can help.

Working with an independent firm may increase your ability to provide more comprehensive, unbiased offerings and help you to grow your business as you wish, to better serve your clients.

Contact us at (415) 373-5442 or (530) 924-0110.

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