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Independent Women

Women’s Financial Influence is Growing

Statistically, women live longer, earn less, and spend more time in retirement than men.

Women are also more likely to take time out of the workforce to raise children or care for elderly family members.

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Trends, however, show that women’s education levels continue to grow and their earnings continue to increase.

Women’s influence on finances is significant. Women are estimated to control roughly two-thirds of annual spending in the U.S. In a 2013 survey, 75% of women reported that they feel responsible for day-to-day household spending.

Women Have Different Investment Priorities

Women goal based investing

While women share some similar financial objectives as men, such as retiring comfortably, maintaining their current lifestyles, and covering personal and family healthcare costs, their investment priorities and approaches often differ.

Studies show that men are more likely to invest with a performance goal, while women tend to prefer structuring investments into pools for specific purposes.

These purposes are often related to women’s security and financial goals, such as planning for retirement, as well as the security and financial goals of their family members, such as securing higher education opportunities for their children.

We Recognize the Perspectives of Independent Women

Our mission is to empower women to prosper and achieve their financial goals.

We do this by recognizing the differing perspectives of independent women, by taking the time to listen and understand their unique goals, by communicating, by education, and by providing unbiased, effective, and cost-efficient financial solutions.

We recognize the differing financial perspectives of independent women.

Our clients include independent women who are professionals, business owners, heads-of-households, women who have retired, and women who have found themselves independent due to divorce or loss of spouse.

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